How Do I Decide Between Composite and Wood Decking?

Comparison Between Composite and Wood Decking Nothing is as fulfilling as having a great view of your home's exterior on a well-designed deck. Picking a suitable decking material is a significant step towards improving the indoor-outdoor transition and enhancing your home’s aesthetic value. Two of the most common decking materials are wood and composites. [...]

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Deck & Patio Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior Design

Top 5 Deck & Patio Ideas for Your Home Every homeowner wishes to have an attractive home that stands out in the neighborhood. The best way to achieve this is by adding a neat deck or patio to your home’s architecture. A beautiful and cozy deck allows you to spend quality time with your [...]

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Charlotte’s Luxury Deck and Porch Builder – Get The Deck Of Your Dreams!

Looking for a luxury deck builder in Charlotte? Charlotte Decks & Porches, LLC is the best choice. We’re a family-owned-and-operated deck building contractor based in Charlotte – and we can help you create the luxurious, relaxing, and convenient outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. At Charlotte Decks & Porches, LLC, we combine affordable pricing [...]

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Deck-orating for the Season

Deck-orating for the Season 4 Tips To Make Your Deck A Winter Wonderland Think your deck is just for summertime activities? Think again! During the holiday season, your deck can become the focal point of your entire home. Your house will be the desired hang-out spot for family and friends. Here are some great [...]

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What is Composite Decking’s Lifespan

How Long Does Composite Decking Last?Expected Lifespan For Your DeckWhether you’ve recently had a composite deck installed by Charlotte Decks and Porches, or you’re just interested in learning more about composite decking before you invest in a new deck, you’re probably wondering how long your investment will last. Find out now!How Long Does Composite Decking [...]

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How To Clean Composite Decking | Charlotte Decks & Porches

How To Clean Composite Decking Your Guide To A Bright & Beautiful Deck Thanks to the low-maintenance design of modern composite decking, it’s easy to keep your deck looking as bright, clean, and beautiful as it was on the day it was installed. Wondering how you should care for and clean your composite deck [...]

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Thinking of Having a Porch Renovation

Thinking of Having a Porch Renovation? You Should Consider a Composite Decking MaterialThere are so many stunning styles to choose from, and they can all make your household the focal point of the entire neighborhood. But before you start choosing rustic versus vintage, or color palettes, you should consider the materials you’re going to use.Specifically, [...]

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