Wood Decking vs. Trex Composite Decking – Which Is Easier To Maintain?

Wood Decking Maintenance vs. Trex Composite Decking Maintenance

As you plan to expand your exterior space, one of the most challenging tasks is deciding whether to use wood or Trex composite for your deck. As a homeowner, the ease of cleaning and maintaining your deck is paramount. Therefore, before installing any deck, you need to consider whether you can maintain a clean, functional, and appealing deck.

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Wood Decking Maintenance

Whether your deck is made of pressure treated lumber or cedar, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Some of the few things you need to consider to keep your deck in brilliant shape include:

  • Thorough cleaning—at least once per year
  • Sanding
  • Sealing
  • Painting

You need to clean your wood decking regularly since it requires exfoliation to let sealers penetrate deeper into the wood. You can use a wood decking cleaning solution of your choice to scrub off mold and mildew thoroughly. It’s important to note that chlorine bleach can strip the wood’s color and destroy your foliage or plants.

It would also help if you considered resealing your wood decking. Before you begin sealing, you should sand two days after washing your deck to remove splintery or fuzzy areas. Remember that applying too much power during sanding can damage your wood decking. You can use a pole sander instead of 80-grit sandpaper.

deck-starter-wood-substructureTrex Composite Decking Maintenance

Trex composite is designed to look like natural wood. The best thing about Trex decking is that you don’t have to stain, seal, or paint regularly. You also don’t have to worry about replacing rotted or termite-damaged deck boards.

Although composite requires little maintenance, you need to perform routine cleaning. Remember that your deck may be exposed to mold, debris, and dirt, so you need to clean your deck at least once or twice per year. You can do this using soapy water or a composite deck cleaning solution.

It’s crucial to note that acetone and other solvents may not be ideal for cleaning composite decking since they can ruin your deck’s aesthetics. You should always rinse your deck after washing it. Leaving soapy or dirty water on the surface can stain and reduce your deck’s overall appeal.

Which Decking is Easier to Maintain?

You’ll need regular cleaning, painting, staining, and sealing your wood decking against moisture. However, with composite decking, you only require sweeping or washing to maintain that appealing look.

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