Porch Ideas to Consider

What Does Your Dream Back Porch Look Like? Porch Ideas Just For You!

The back porch of your home is an intimate space for you to relax while still enjoying the nature around, admiring the beautiful sky, and getting some fresh air. Here are some back porch ideas that can inspire you to renovate your existing porch or design one from scratch for your new home.

1. Small Porch Designs

No matter how small your back porch is, you can use that space efficiently to fit the outdoor furniture and elements that bring everything together. The key to using a small space is to plan everything to the detail and have a flexible contractor that can do a custom project.

2. A Veranda

A covered porch is one of the most popular designs. It covers the space to provide protection and shade but lets air flow freely around.

3. A Screen Porch (3-Season Porch)

A screen porch offers protection from the elements, pests, dust, and debris, while still letting you enjoy the feeling of being outside. Compared to other options, this also gives you privacy if you have closeby neighbors.

4. A Back Porch with a Pool

A small pool added to your back porch is ideal if you have kids or pets that love swimming. The pool can be integrated seamlessly into the design of the porch.

5. A Sunroom (Multi-season Porch)

As its alternate name suggests, this porch is meant to be used all year round, as it’s insulated, completely enclosed, and features heating elements. During the warm seasons, the sides can be folded in to let air circulate freely.

6. A Pavilion (a Detached Porch)

If you have a large yard, you can opt for a detached porch that brings you even closer to nature, maybe lets you enjoy the shade of the trees on your property or distance from the road, and neighbors.

7. A Partly Covered Porch

You can decide to partially cover your porch to get the best out of the two options: nice shade for hot days and plenty of light for the rest of the year.

8. A Porch That Continues with a Patio

Continuing the porch towards the garden or pool with a patio is a nice example of practicality and design.

9. An Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

If you love cooking and dining outside, you can design a fully functional outdoor kitchen. You can easily bring the food to the dining table and enjoy the fresh air with your meal.

Over to You

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