You can use numerous materials for patio or deck railing, each with a unique set of benefits and downsides. Traditionally, wood has been the most popular option. However, aluminum deck railing is quickly gaining popularity because of the distinct advantages it provides homeowners. 

What are the benefits of this railing type, and are there potential downsides? Continue reading to get the answers to these pressing questions. 

Pro: Durable

Aluminum is a metal that’s strong and resistant to rust. Unlike wood, it won’t rust or easily break, and aluminum is even fire-resistant, meaning it won’t burn. This excellent durability means your aluminum railing will last significantly longer than alternative material options. 

Pro: Low Maintenance

Aluminum deck railing is very low maintenance. You won’t need to regularly stain or paint it to maintain visual aesthetics. Also, since it doesn’t rot or easily break, the top rail and pickets won’t need to be replaced like in the case of wood railing. 

The only thing you’ll need to do is clean your aluminum railing as needed. Even cleaning is super easy and doesn’t require harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing.

To clean the aluminum patio railing, spray it with your garden hose. Then, take a bucket of soap and water and a microfiber cloth to wipe away any stubborn spots. Rinse with the hose and let it dry in the sunshine.

Con: Higher Upfront Investment

The only significant downside to choosing aluminum as your deck or patio railing material is it requires a higher upfront investment. Cost varies based on location, size, installation process, and whether you choose decorative or plain designs. Aluminum railing manufacturers (like Trex and Fairway Railing) may also charge differently. 

However, current prices average between $48 to $95 per linear foot for aluminum deck railing. The average costs for other railing types are significantly less. For example:

However, the trade-off here is longevity. While aluminum railing costs more upfront, it also lasts longer. As a result, your return on investment for aluminum railing is likely to be better. 

Still Have Questions?

Do you still have questions about aluminum deck railing and how it compares to other material options? Or are you looking to have an aluminum deck railing professionally installed in the Charlotte area? 

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