How to Hire a Screened Porch Builder

If you’ve decided to add a screened porch to your home, there are some things you will need to know in advance to ensure you’re hiring the right screened porch contractor for the job. If you search for “screened porch contractors near me” online, you’re certain to find numerous screened porch contractors in Charlotte from which to choose.

But how do you pick the best porch builder in your area? Below is a list of important tips to consider before hiring a screened porch contractor in Charlotte.

  • Proper Expertise

If you hire a contractor with general experience in decks and not exclusively in screened porches, that builder may not have the skills for the different roof, wall, and framing structures required to complete the project.

It’s prudent to work with a professional with experience in things like leak proofing, wind-bracing, and joining the screened porch with the house roof. Additionally, your contractor should have knowledge of installing screens under the structure to keep insects and pests away.

  • Your Contractor Should Have a Proven Track Record

The best way to know if the contractor has a reliable track record is to ask for referrals from people who have used the services before. You could start by asking for references from clients, family members, and friends who have completed a project similar to yours in Charlotte.

Ask how the contractor handled the job, managed arising issues, and if the clients were satisfied with the results. You may also want to know if the contractor is easy to work with and if they can execute the job efficiently without cutting corners to produce results on time.

  • Right Qualifications

You also want to ensure that your contractor has the right qualifications and certification to execute your job. Besides possessing the proper porch building skills, the contractor should have relevant insurance and licenses necessary to provide screened porch building services in Charlotte.

Also, ensure the contractor provides proof of their certification before you sign any agreements. You can check on their Google ratings or previous jobs to get a clear idea of what to expect.

  • Does Your Contractor Work with an Electrician?

The concept here is simple – screened porch projects often require electrical work. Based on the building codes in Charlotte, you must have an electrical outlet on your porch. In addition, you may want to install extra lighting and ceiling fans.

While your contractor does not need to have much electrical wiring experience, they should at least have an electrician on their team.

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