Prominent Neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ballantyne is a prominent neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina that covers a 2,000-acre surface. The area was initially a hunting lot owned by the Harris family, direct descendants of Cameron A. Morrison, a former North Carolina Governor. The family started here, the Ballantyne Corporate Park in 1992, which quickly become one of the most thriving planned communities in the country.

Today, Ballantyne is an extremely sought-out real estate area, with multiple luxury home communities, townhouses, apartment buildings, and even assisted-living communities. Though technically still a Charlotte neighborhood, the many amenities here make Ballantyne seem almost like an actual city, as it is also the home of several big corporations.

And it’s precisely because of this that in 2012, residents met to debate the possibility of separating from Charlotte and establishing their town, called Providence. It was the first city in the entire state of North Carolina to do so. The move was born out of frustration on behalf of some Ballantyne residents regarding paying taxes to Charlotte, while the City Council’s focus remained solely in the uptown of the city. However, the plans never moved forward.

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